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PACT Zollverein

Community piece directed by Ivo Van Hove

Paradise – fulfilled, a utopia or a construct? In Unlocking Paradise a Sinti:zze-Rom:nja dance company, an international choir with roots in the Middle East and a  transgenerational theatre group enter into a dialogue. Accompanied by one actor and two musicians, they tell their story (or stories). Personal biographies, notions of paradise and poetic texts are interwoven in a polyphonic fabric. Experiences, memories, dreams and desires are considered alongside each other on equal terms, offering glimpses into people’s lives. This associative piece of theatre, devised by Tomasz Prasqual and directed by Ivo Van Hove, presents the Ruhr region in its diversity. It creates space for more thorough intercultural dialogue and enables little utopias to be created that can provide light and hope in dark times. Not in theory, but in practice, by acting together and developing.

Produced by Ruhrtriennale. With friendly support by Vokalmusikzentrums NRW.


  • Direction
    • Ivo Van Hove
  • Idea, Concept, Dramaturgy
    • Tomasz Prasqual
  • Co-Concept, Choreographic Support
    • Jelena Ivanovic
  • Stage Design, Lighting, Video
    • Bart Van Merode
  • Costume Design
    • Gesa Gröning
  • Artistic direction "The Remains" - transgenerational theatre group
    • Miriam Michel
  • Musical direction Orpheus XXI
    • Rebal Alkhodari
  • Direction Romano Than e.V.
    • Elena Preduca
  • With
    • Harriet Kracht (Actress) ,
    • Maren Lueg (Saxophon, Nay Flute) ,
    • Firas Kayali Rifai (Accordion) ,
    • Romano Than ,
    • Orpheus XXI ,
    • "The Remains" - transgenerationale Theatergruppe
  • Technical Project Manager Ruhrtriennale
    • Helmut Schandl
  • Technician
    • Gerd Jordan ,
    • Ralf Mittag ,
    • Daniel Neffgen ,
    • Simon Pelzer ,
    • Adam Petrenko ,
    • Len Pichler ,
    • Marcel Reidock
  • Dressing, collaboration costumes
    • Asena Yesim Lappas


  • Language

    In German and Arabic.

  • Supporters

    With the kind support of RAG-Stiftung. Funded by the Stiftung Mercator

  • Run time

    60 min.

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PACT Zollverein
Bullmannaue 20a
45327 Essen

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