© Sabrina Weniger

Anna Papst and Mats Staub are looking for answers to questions about sex as part of their long-term project Intimate Revolution.

Sex is omnipresent in the media, but honest conversations about how we desire and what we experience emotionally during sex are rare. Almost everyone lacks the vocabulary to describe what goes on inside them when they have sex. The production Intimate Revolution takes speechlessness as its starting point and wants to create an opportunity to enter into conversation. Many people have answered the call and talked to Anna Papst and Mats Staub in interviews about their personal experiences. These form the main courses of an auditory four-course meal.

For the last course, the »dessert«, they have prepared questions to which they would like many different answers. The three questions are:

1. What are you no longer ashamed of?
2. What is »good sex« for you?
3. What does an orgasm feel like for you?

Participation is possible via this form: https://www.ruhrtriennale.de/de/forms/intime-revolution

Anonymity is very important for the project. Everything said and written will be linguistically condensed and re-recorded so that in the end it will not be recognisable who the contributions come from. During the performance in the intimate atmosphere of a wine bar, the audience of Intime Revolution will be presented with stories in four courses via headphones, from which they can choose according to their own taste.

Intime Revolution will premiere at the Ruhrtriennale on 12 August 2022 and then travel to other venues. It is the first long-term project by Anna Papst and Mats Staub and will continue to grow over time, starting with the Ruhrtriennale.

More information on the project at ruhr3.com/staub