Club.Ruhr is looking for new members!


Would you like to experience culture in the Ruhr area and be active yourself? Then become part of Club.Ruhr and help shape the programme!

Club.Ruhr, the young Freundeskreis of the Ruhrtriennale, is looking for committed young people to plan and organise the club's activities together.

The members experience the Ruhrtriennale together during rehearsal and audition visits, artist talks and more behind-the-scenes activities! Club.Ruhr also meets outside of the festival and explores the cultural institutions in the region together on Club.Dates.

The core team, a group of creative people interested in culture who are keen to get actively involved, plans the activities of Club.Ruhr and organises the Club.Dates. Whether you're involved in organising events, editorial work for social media or newsletters or photographing Club.Dates – you can get involved according to your interests!

During your voluntary work in the core team, you will meet lots of exciting people and can be creative and have fun together. The club will also issue you with a certificate of participation, which can make a good impression on your CV.

Are you interested in joining us?  Then you are invited to a first information meeting to exchange ideas and get to know each other, which will take place on Thursday, 22nd February at 5 p.m. in Bochum at Kultur Ruhr GmbH.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or on 0234 97 48 33 76. We look forward to hearing from you!