Junge Kollaborationen

The concept of collaboration has become a buzzword both within and beyond the culture industry and the field of cultural education and youth work. After two years of collaborations at the Ruhrtriennale it is time to review what has been done. Have we collaborated? If so, with whom and what were the results?

The Ruhrtriennale has provided a place inside its institution for the 40 young members of Mit Ohne Alles and supported them as practitioners with an equal right to have their artistic ideas realised – this is the central statement of the Young Collaborations programme.  

At the end of February 2017 Kultur Ruhr GmbH will move into new offices in the West Park of the Jahrhunderthalle Bochum. The planning to construct, allocate space and locate the departments was conducted in a transparent process which featured plenty of discussion. The size and allocation of offices is always a question of power and covert structures within an organization can be revealed in the course of such processes. However, the teenagers’ artistic production office was included and planned without the need of any additional involvement from the Young Collaborations department. They have their own space in the Dramaturgy department on the same floor as the Manging Director and Artistic Director.

Mit Ohne Alles’s projects are developed by the group for Ruhrtriennale audiences in order to open a door to youth culture.  They invite an audience of adults on tours through their part of the world, to talk about sex, to participate in their world on the internet and on smartphones. The very clear division in Germany between a culture for adults and a youth culture becomes evident at this interface with an adult audience. As a result formats are particularly successful that do not request permission to collaborate but simply happen: when an audience has to answer questions from young people before being allowed to enter, when games are suddenly played outside the Jahrhunderthalle Bochum and members of the audience become involved – this can lead to amazing encounters which can steer the established relations between young people and adults in new directions.  

The artists who have worked with the young people in 2015 and 2016, for example She She Pop, Darren O`Donnell and Nora Gomringer, are testament to the seriousness with which the young people approach their work and reveal the confidence with which they operate in the context of the festival. Everyone is able to learn from and inspire everyone else. Encounters with other artists make the teenagers particularly sensitive to successful collaborations which can enrich and change both parties.  
The regular and increasingly natural presence of young people in the office and within the festival, whether they are working or simply being around and hanging out, has already brought about initial changes. It has led to more generosity in people’s dealings with each other and a greater mutual curiosity.  A process has been set in train involving a lot of people – some of them against their will. This applies to the institution as much as the audience or the participating schools. We are still at the beginning of our collaboration. But that beginning is both evident and encouraging.  

Mit Ohne Alles

Mit ohne Alles © Konstantin Bock

Wir sind Mit Ohne Alles:

Ahmet: killerkerl // routiniertdiszipliniert //sleepyhead // fitnessfreak
Betül: blackbeltwarrior // ambitiouslady // backliebe // frechekriegenwasiewollenbravenureinenlolli
Blaviana: b-cool // dramaqueen // amorslittlehelper // queendergruppe
Borana: bitterheart // funnyfreshgirl // selfiequeen // großesherzmanchmalkommtdraufan
Cinar: muffinmonster // fußballgöttin // schwesterherz
Christopher: keinbaumzuhoch // animalfriend // gamingnerd  // no stress
Daniel: teamworker // gesangstalent // dancingking // nevermissaproject
Diyar: handysüchtig // fußballfanatisch // chilloutwithfriends // freehugs
Eeske: creativemind // headstrong // motiviertaberkompliziert // vollverträumt
Emma: baconaddicted // gesangsfanatisch // curlygirly // antifa-lover
Elisabeta: haribosüchtig // prettyandsweet // bigsis // musiclistener
Gladstone: handyloser // gladdydaddy // brosbeforehoes // sixpackträger
Graziano: geilertyp // hammamammayeah // alwaysfabulous // rnb4ever
Gzime: strebennachglück //grinsekatze // immerdaszielvoraugen // freudentänzerin
Jule: mangamalerin // sushifreak // coolandcalm // tierlieb
Julia: pizzafanatikerin // szalona (durchgedrehte) // backgenie // gadula (labertasche)
Jasmina: volleyballexpertin // smileyface // loveforspanishmusic // friends4ever
Joana: singingqueen // beautifulgirl // frechesmädchen // zuckerwattenschnute
Kaja Sophie: bollywoodfreak // schuhsüchtig // kummerkasten // flechtfrisurenmeisterin
Laura: treueseele // lonesomeater // dirtydancer // goalkeeper
Lisa: blondesbiest // backqueen // pizzaschnute II maneater
Mujtaba: keinplayboy // freestylefootballer // bowlingboy // jedentagmcdonalds
Muhammed: humanitylover // prosperityseeker // prayforpeace // alwaysinprogress
Maurice: crazyphotographer // musikmacher // trainierenimstudio // nicknameMo
Michal: driftking // fußballboss // partyboy // meetwithfriends
Navjot: trainingstier // actoroneday // makeseverybodylaugh // snapchatboss
Nana: nanalicious // unique // no one is still someone // derboss
Oliwia: fashionvictim // naturalblonde // foodporn // femmefatale
Prince: princethepoet // uniteAfrica // peacelover // bundeskanzleroneday
Pascal: queen // lgbt pride // art for life // fries before guys
Robert: fußballgott // allesfresser // sitzriese // rebelspirit
Sonja: inspirationsquellensucherin // idealist // weltoffen // direkt
Sabjon: langschläfer // zeitfürfreunde // outdoorfan // aliveandkickingthe ball
Selman: faulpelz // niceguy // fitnessfanatiker // taccolover
Solomon: swaggerboy // sympatico // nevergetslostinthestreetsofduisburg
Wesir: mädchenklarmachen // schlafmütze // fußballking // scheißebauen


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