Peng! Kollektiv

with texts by Sibylle Berg, Asal Dardan, Sebastian Hotz, Mateja Meded, Marta Orosz, Jean Peters und David Schraven
Speakers Sibylle Berg, Mateja Meded, Marta Orosz, David Schraven, Niklas Wandt , Maya Alban-Zapata
Production Management Kara Handgraaf

Personal, charming and amusing messages from the conductor always raise a chuckle: passengers exchange glances and nod because something beautiful has happened. They usually only last ten seconds and if by chance someone records them, they quickly go viral online. But what if they ran for the whole train journey, complete with dramaturgical highs and lows? Imagine: in the middle of the journey you suddenly hear: ›Did you know that every year the groundwater in the Ruhr has to be pumped off at a cost of millions of Euro so the houses aren’t flooded? My grandfather made one of these pumps and he engraved a message on it for me. And because today is my first day in this job, I’d like to read it to you …‹ or descriptions of the view, love poems or an investigative journalist’s report on police brutality? The Peng! Collective invites eight authors to write a short text for the train journey between Duisburg and Essen.

Tickets for Ruhrtriennale events are valid on the day of the event in the entire Rhine-Ruhr transport network (VRR) on all buses and local trains (2nd class) for outward and return journeys to and from the venue.