Altes, zu neuem Leben erwecken (Bringing the old back to life )

Stefan Schneider

Director and Sound Stefan Schneider
Production Management Caroline Lutz
Many thanks to all the interlocutors in Kaßlerfeld, Ruhrort, Laar and Meiderich.

Between the modernised inland harbour and the detached houses in Laar stand the ruins of the coal and steel industry and the location in Ruhrort for the first ever Tatort with Schimanski, filmed in 1981. Stefan Schneider invites you to take a cycle journey through a Duisburg that lies in between – one that makes the city visible in a radical and poetic way. It is intended to permit visitors to experience different readings of Duisburg through encounters with the city. Short conversations can be heard at selected locations on the tour: ›How do you see your situation and that of the region?‹, ›How do your hopes and wishes compare to those of urban planners, architects and investors?‹ It seems difficult to judge the direction in which developments are taking Duisburg. Nevertheless, it is possible that the people who live here’s readiness for change is far more essential to the future of the Ruhr region than the plans drawn up by politicians and business.


The route of the trail is marked with blue arrows. 18 places are marked with a blue circle. At these stations, the 3-5 minute tracks of the respective number can be listened to.

start point
Station forecourt of Duisburg central station,
Portsmouthplatz, 47051 Duisburg

start point
Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord
Emscherstr. 71, 47137 Duisburg

The tracks can be downloaded to your own phone in advance or on site at the advertising pillars.

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