Altes zu neuem Leben erwecken (Bringing the old back to life )

Stefan Schneider

Director and Sound Stefan Schneider
Speaker Stefan Schneider
English Speaker Nika Breithaupt
Translation Ellen Rosenbaum
Mastering Detlef Funder
Production Management Caroline Lutz
Many thanks to all the interlocutors in Kaßlerfeld, Ruhrort, Laar and Meiderich.

Between the modernised inland harbour and the detached houses in Laar stand the ruins of the coal and steel industry. Even today, it seems difficult to judge the direction in which developments are taking Duisburg. Stefan Schneider invites you to take a cycle journey through a Duisburg which makes the city visible and audible in a radical and poetic way. It is intended to permit visitors to experience different readings of Duisburg through encounters with its very distinct neighborhoods.

Duisburg Kasslerfeld, Ruhrort, Laar or Meiderich reveal the many different and sometimes unfamiliar faces of the city which all capture the diverse layers of life here. We invite you to pause for a moment at 17 stops along the route, to observe as well as listen to the city.

On our audio guide you´ll hear brief statements from people who live or work in Duisburg, go to school or study here, run businesses, or work in family counseling.

A very special and heartfelt thank you goes out to all the people of Duisburg who, in the conversations we had and through their generous support, have made this audio guide possible.

The Audio-Guide is available in German and English!


The tracks can be played live from this page, using mobile data. Alternatively, the tracks can also be downloaded in advance to your own phone via WLAN. Free storage space is required for this


The route of the track is marked with yellow arrows. The audio files are started at 17 points along the route. These points are marked with yellow or black signs (yellow: HBF >> Landschaftspark / black: Landschaftspark >> HBF).

start point
Station forecourt of Duisburg central station,
Portsmouthplatz, 47051 Duisburg

start point
Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord
Emscherstr. 71, 47137 Duisburg

The route can also be accessed via Google Maps here.


Station 1 -  CAN: Future Days / RAG: Metropolis instrumental

Station 2 - DOMINIK VON SENGER: Brüsseler Platz

Station 3 -  X8 BEATS: Gnawa Beat / MAX ROACH: Tears for Johannesburg

Station 4 -  INDIAN POP 1970: BFI National Archive

Station 5 -  KREATOR: People of the lie

Station 6 - ASMUS  TIETCHENS/MIKI YUI: Akatzuki  / SAM PREKOP:  Magic Step

Station 7 - BLIND ROOSEVELT GRAVES and BROTHER: I’ll be rested (American Primitives Compilation) /  TARWATER: Möbelstreit

Station 8 - GRATEFUL DEAD unidentified live session

Station 9 - TARWATER: Elbe

Station 10 - YELLO: Cyclops

Station 11 - X8 BEATS: Gnawa Teacher

Station 12 - KANTE: Tourisme

Station 13 - Unidentified Old school hiphop instrumental

Station 14 - FELA KUTI: Zombie

Station 15 - TOLOUSE LOW TRAX: Inverted Sea

Station 16 - GRATEFUL DEAD: Friend of the Devil

Station 17 - CAN: Future Days