Achtmal blinzeln (Blink eight times)

Anna Kpok

Concept and text Klaas Werner, Jascha Sommer, Kathrin Ebmeier und Emese Bodolay

Anna Kpok invites you to experience a tram journey as a textual adventure. A Reader for interdimensional travel that serves as your travel guide contains themes and instructions. While reading this on the journey, the text repeatedly requires the reader to decide for themselves what should happen next. At the same time, it contains a warning: ›I’m just a book. I don’t know where you are and what time it is. Don’t lose yourself in me too much‹. What happens in the story depends on the decisions made by the reader – not on the directions in the book. Readers will experience a journey through Essen, a journey between reality and speculation: What if coal mining had never happened? Or it had begun many centuries earlier?  What would Zeche Zollverein look like if it was a proper leisure park? Or a Ruhr region where all future technologies were immediately available to everyone as soon as they were invented?

Tickets for Ruhrtriennale events are valid on the day of the event in the entire Rhine-Ruhr transport network (VRR) on all buses and local trains (2nd class) for outward and return journeys to and from the venue.

The starting point at the main station will not be marked with an advertising pillar until the end of August. Please orientate yourself on the starting point indicated here.


start point at Essen central station, exit Freiheit

Essen Hauptbahnhof
Freiheit, 45127 Essen

start point at PACT Zollverein
PACT Zollverein
Bullmannaue 20A, 45327 Essen