© Museum Folkwang 2017 Foto: Giorgio Pastore


The Museum Folkwang was founded in 1902 by Karl Ernst Osthaus in Hagen. After his death in 1921, the Osthaus Collection was acquired by the newly founded Folkwang-Museumsverein for the city of Essen, and in 1922 it was merged with the Municipal Art Museum, which had existed since 1906, to form the Museum Folkwang. The Museum Folkwang soon developed into one of the most important museums of modern and contemporary art in the world with an outstanding collection of 19th century art and classic modernism, painting after 1945, photography and poster. Distinctive feature is also its collection of Ancient and non-European Art. The collection activity and exhibition program of the Museum Folkwang includes all artistic media, bringing their most important exponents from the art world to Essen, Germany. A new building by David Chipperfield Architects opened in 2010.


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