Ruhrtriennale 2021–2023


Das Team der Kultur Ruhr GmbH in der Pappelwaldkantine, 2023
Das Team der Kultur Ruhr GmbH in der Pappelwaldkantine, 2023 | © Caroline Seidel

Together with her artistic team, Barbara Frey, artistic director of the Ruhrtriennale 2021–23, looks positively at her third and last edition. Shortly before the end of the annual festival of the arts on September 23, she sums up: »It was a great pleasure for us to be able to create a festival of this scope, size and importance with such a large number of participants. I would like to thank our audience, the incredibly inspiring artists from all over the world and the region, the supporters, and the team of all employees. We are delighted that the festival has been received so well as a place to come together. So many unique things have been created through numerous site-specific commissions, through both large-scale and intimate productions, through the encounters and artistic involvement of people from the region! Artistic work is community work, and for me, success has a lot to do with successful exchange.«

Dr. Vera Battis-Reese, managing director of Kultur Ruhr GmbH, has a positive verdict as well: »Looking back on the three festival editions under the directorship of Barbara Frey, we have experienced art at the highest level, three years that have always been inspiring and have had a remarkable brilliance, despite the great challenges facing society. I would like to sincerely thank Barbara Frey, the dramaturges, the entire team and all our supporters.«

Here you find a selection of photos from the festival editions 2021 to 2023.