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Starting with a driving pulse, »Spettro« subtly alters the audience’s sense of space and sound.

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Fritz Hauser 
3 Improvisationen

Spettro is a ghost conspiracy for solo percussion. Starting with a driving pulse, it subtly alters the audience’s sense of space and sound, leads them through fascinating percussive landscapes, probes intensity and silence, and charms listeners with humour and skill. In contrast to the large-scale project POINT LINE AREA, in Spettro Fritz Hauser allows complexity to emerge from deliberate reduction. In collaboration with Barbara Frey (direction) and Brigitte Dubach (lighting) an intense concert performance has been created that reaches a glowing conclusion with 3 Improvisationen.


MaschinenHausMusik at the Gebläsehalle

The cult concert series continues – in 2021 at the Gebläsehalle in Duisburg. Here the free jazz legend Peter Brötzmann will celebrate his eightieth birthday together with his trio Full Blast, while on drums solo performer Fritz Hauser will even inspire ghosts to start dancing. The American trumpeter and improvisation artist Peter Evans and the Serbian multimedia composer Svetlana Maraš will meet for the first time in an electro-acoustic duo. And with the founder of the Electronic Music Studio in Kiev Alla Zagaykevych and her one-time student Yana Shlyabanska, two generations of Ukranian enelctronic music enter a dialogue.

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