Point Line Area
Point Line Area | © Thomas Berns / Ruhrtriennale 2021

Precise and detailed examination of sound, complex overlaid rhythms and dynamic contrasts.

About the concert

More than 50 percussionists fill the monumental Kraftzentrale in the Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord with sound. The line-up is reminiscent of a chess board filled with pieces: rules on social distancing are used here to create a visual structure and are needed for all the percussionists to have room in the space.  In a composition of space and sound the performers are visible as individuals while simultaneously dissolving into a sound mosaic that covers 400 m². Each percussionist has the same basic kit: a snare drum, a cymbal, wood blocks and a tamtam. With majestic concentration they combine selective sonic events into rhythmic lines and allow these to build into monochrome soundscapes. Subtle nuances and extremely dynamic contrasts grow out of this collective percussion ritual. Fritz Hauser colours an ocean of sound where once the winds of a blast furnace blew.

FREYBIER_digital Episode 4: Barbara Frey talking with Fritz Hauser

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