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»I don’t make concept albums and I don’t have a formula. But when I’m writing and making music everything that’s going on in the world around us flows through me. My songs are reflections about life and reality – and the reasons why I want to escape from it.«

About the concert

Perera Elsewhere is a front woman, producer, song-writer and DJ. She comes from London, lives in Berlin and drifts like a ghost through pop’s avantgarde. Influenced by 90s rave culture, school trombone lessons, a strong phase as an MC with her band Jahcoozi and experiments with DIY electronics, she has gradually established her own musical territory. Where is this? Neither in the centre, nor in the periphery. Her »elsewhere« is an extra-terrestrial soundscape: coarse-grained sounds, distorted voices and warped trombone passages alongside whirring synthesisers.


Pop concerts

Two feminist hip-hop artists lead off this year’s series of pop concerts: Lala &ce and Kaleo Sansaa have conquered a traditionally male domain renowned for direct address and coded protest. We then finish with Perera Elsewhere’s mysterious anti-pop pop. In the year of the pandemic, the Ruhrtriennale invites you to intimate pop concerts where the urgent messages and fascinating aura of these charismatic artists take centre stage. 

Dates and tickets

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