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Hit on, disadvantaged, despised, tortured, raped, murdered: nine young female performers confront the dangers that being a woman brings with it.

About the production

Age reccomendation: For everyone aged 15 and over

»We had to put up with being hassled, groped, hit on, insulted, discriminated against, disparaged, beaten up, kidnapped, impaled and murdered, just because we have a vagina and are under age« – Nine young female performers from Chile take to the stage to confront the violence that threatens young women in Latin America. In Europe, too, violence against young women and girls is not rare – but prevention, protection and consistent punishment cannot be taken for granted. The Federal Agency for Civic Education writes: »In Germany […] around 35 per cent of women over the age of 15 become victims of physical and/or sexual violence at some point.«

Paisajes para no colorear was created from the stories of its young performers and interviews with a further 140 young women from Chile. In this moving piece of theatre, the young performers tell real stories of physical, mental and sexual violence and discrimination against women and girls. They demonstrate the consequences that antiquated role and gender images bring with them and make visible what often happens behind closed doors – and has become so horrifyingly every day that it barely attracts attention or is made public because the victims are no longer able to speak.  

The nine young performers represent half humanity in requesting support for changes that have been needed for too long: »We want to create a sympathetic, supportive society. We want to transform this system from the roots up and overcome its injustices and inequalities!« What are we still waiting for?

Trigger warning: This play deals explicitly with violence against women and girls in a range of forms. If you require more detailed information in order to decide whether you will be able to watch the play, please contact

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