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Our series about »human nature« continues in year three and we examine its title in two senses: what is the nature of human beings? But what do humans understand »nature« to be?

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The golem, the creature made of clay by Baal Schem Tov, this »formless mass«, is the tool that liberates itself from its master. And Mary Shelley provided the Modern age with a nightmare in Frankenstein’s monster: The nightmare that haunts human beings in the form of technology, as a cyborg, as a humanoid, as a robot, as Artificial Intelligence. At the same time, devices convey a longing for redemption from mortality and violence: death and the patriarchy are being overcome by artificial humans. But is the machine really artificial – or is it part of our nature, human nature? Is there a borderline between humanity and the humanoid? Is one the enemy of the other? Does humanity lie in overcoming humans – in the machine?

Sun 3 September 2023

5 pm
Lukas Bärfuss in conversation with the Professor for Technology Studies and Media Sociology Jutta Weber (author of Umkämpfte Bedeutungen: Naturkonzepte im Zeitalter der Technoscience)

7.30 pm
Reading: Anna Drexler
Music: Theo Nabicht

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