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»The difference between what one believes one will turn into and what one in fact becomes is similar to the difference between utopias and failed societies that were created in their name.« Mariano Pensotti

About the production

A young man ends up making a documentary film about a little boy in a poor quarter of Buenos Aires. This social portrait successfully provides the starting point a career to which he will return 30 years later. He revisits locations and people from that time and attempts to reactivate relationships with his friends and family.

Mariano Pensotti shows both actions simultaneously in two adjacent spaces. By doing so, in Los Años he tells the story of a man through two different sections of his life in direct comparison. His wife, his daughter and his friends age along with him – but, of course, so do his dreams and visions. Ideas and ambitions on one side, projects and disillusionment on the other. 2021 vs. 2051. As the narrative is not historical but projected into the future, its playing with time is often strangely comic, but also tragically sad. Los Años shows our present as our future past. Not a pretty sight.

Los Años is coproduced by Ruhrtriennale, Münchner Kammerspiele, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm and Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires. 

Transferred from the Ruhrtriennale programm 2020.

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