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»The title can be abbreviated to ›E.T.‹ I’ve often felt like an extra-terrestrial but now I’m proud to be different. That’s why I’m here now.«

About the concert

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Lala &ce’s cryptic punchlines don’t just amaze her French fans. She defeats macho hi-hop cliches with their own weapons in flowing movements. In a synthesised musical delirium, they melt into meaningful lyrics that calmly flout the tabu of homoerotic love between black women. The Franco-Ivorian rapper already made a name for herself in her early twenties as the female member of the hip-hop group collectif 667. She emerged from the group’s shadow with her first solo album Everything Tasteful.

Pop concerts

Two feminist hip-hop artists lead off this year’s series of pop concerts: Lala &ce and Kaleo Sansaa have conquered a traditionally male domain renowned for direct address and coded protest. We then finish with Perera Elsewhere’s mysterious anti-pop pop. In the year of the pandemic, the Ruhrtriennale invites you to intimate pop concerts where the urgent messages and fascinating aura of these charismatic artists take centre stage. 

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