© Eve Risser: SylvainGripoix | Kee Avil: Lawrence Fafard

With the guitarist and singer Kee Avil and the pianist Eve Risser, two unique solo artists face each other on this evening.

About the concert

Après un Rêve

Eve Risser spent ten years exploring the innards of the concert grand. Then she discovered her fascination for the percussive and rhythmic magic dormant within the body of the ordinary piano. Après un Rêve – a title taken from the famous elegiac composition by Gabriel Fauré – is a poetic and melancholy performance sustained by the direct proximity between the audience and the instrument. The hammers organised as a rhythm box set waves of future memories in motion. Emerging from these is like awakening from a dream. »Oh Night, give me back your lies« (Romain Bussine). One hand is for the groove, the other is for the soul. And the feet? They’re for the party!


For Kee Avil, music is more than a purely acoustic phenomenon. She thinks of songwriting as a form of sculpture: »It stems from an initial word, emotion or sound, which I then build on, moulding it into a more refined shape, glued into an artificial structure. Other times, my role is to peel it, scrape at its exterior, to reveal its natural state and its part within the whole.« She uses the guitar, electronics and her voice to tease out these processes slowly in the most unconventional ways, kneading together sounds and noises, then disentangling them again and passing through the most exciting transitional states along this sensory route.

Eve Risser: Après un rêve (Teaser)
Kee Avil: See, my shadow (Official Video)

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