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Every three days in Germany, a woman is murdered by her partner or ex-partner.

About the project

The work Aparición draws attention to the horrifically high number of murders committed against women in Germany. In 2021, performance artist Regina José Galindo would appear every three days as an anonymous female body in a public location in the Ruhr region and videos of this intervention would be published on the Ruhrtriennale website. Sadly this topic has lost none of its relevance and urgency, so this year, motifs from the work will be displayed in poster memorials to the murdered women across public spaces in Bochum.

Regina José Galindo and many other artists and activists are fighting to be seen and to draw attention to the facts. The term »femicide« (the murder of women because they are women) is intended to help identify violence against women in cases of domestic violence, as well as its systemic character, and is now used as a matter of course in the USA and Latin America. In German-speaking cultures, however, journalists have been extremely hesitant to employ it – the first evidence-based study did not appear until 2022 – and it has no relevance in law and is not used in legal circles. The actual number of murder cases in Germany is therefore likely to be far higher because femicide tends to go largely unrecognised and is trivialised as »relationship problems« or »marital dramas«. Furthermore, in Germany, the country where rape within marriage was not even seen as a crime until 1997. Even then, 138 members of parliament still voted against the law being changed, among them the present chairman of the CDU.

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