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Theater / German Premiere


Studio ORKA

Stephan Glagla/Ruhrtriennale 2016

An outdoor family play for anyone between the ages of 8 and 108

In the middle of nowhere, there is a café. It used to be the finishing point for a famous cycle race. It used to have lots of guests. Everyone came here. The café was bursting with life. There’s nothing left of that now. The café is slowly but surely sinking into the ground. And nobody knows why the ground is sinking precisely here. This patch of earth is the Earth’s bruise. Perhaps this is where the Earth once banged into another planet?

Today the café has fallen in, collapsed, sunk. But there are still a few people who won’t go home. They laugh a lot, at jokes which no-one apart from them finds funny. They listen a lot because silence is allowed here. They dance a lot, just like wild children dance. Everything here is exactly what it is. Sometimes very special, sometimes very normal.
“Sumpfland” is a family play about people full of courage and strength who manage to retain their dignity. It’s about consolation, and how you can offer it to others. It’s about dreamers, about wild animals roaming free and about excessively warm beer.

© Phile Deprez


Concept - Studio ORKA
By and with - Philippe Van de Velde, Martine Decroos, Dominique Van Malder, Julie Delrue (26., 27. August), Eline Kuppens, Titus Devoogdt, Janne Desmet
Music - Wim Deliveyne, Peter De Bosschere, Luc Waegeman
Stage design - Philippe Van de Velde, Kwint Manshoven
Stage Realization In Medias Res - Philippe Van de Velde, Kwint Manshoven, Kris Van Oudenhoven, Stef Decoster, Niels Ieven, Bart Van Bellegem, Bram Rombouts, Kobe Vandenberghe
Coach - Peter Monsaert
Production - Maarten Naessens, Famke Dhont, Isabelle Vermeulen, Karen Van De Voorde
Costume Design - Maartje Van Bourgognie, Elise Goedgezelschap
Technican - Lorin Duquesne