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Music theatre / World Premiere


Georges Aperghis, Luigi Nono
Yannis Kyriakides, Romain Bischoff

Ilkka Halso / Museum I, series Museum of Nature, 2003

Ein Musiktheaterprojekt zum Thema "Mensch und Maschine“.

Mit Kompositionen von Luigi Nono, Georges Aperghis und Yannis Kyriakides

Vom Speer zum Smartphone: Über die Jahrhunderte haben die Menschen zahllose Werkzeuge erfunden, um sich die Welt Untertan zu machen. Aber sind es wirklich wir, die über unsere Technologie herrschen, oder hat sie uns im Griff? Homo Instrumentalis bringt vier Kompositionen zusammen, die unser Verhältnis zur Technologie erforschen: „Machinations“ von Georges Aperghis (2000 - version Silbersee 2017), „La fabbrica illuminata“ von Luigi Nono (1964) und „Ode to Man (part 1 and 2)“ von Yannis Kyriakides (2017).

From spear to smartphone: over the centuries, human beings have developed countless tools to master their world. But do we really rule our technology, or are we in its grasp?

Homo Instrumentalis brings together four compositions exploring our relationship with technology: “Machinations” by Georges Aperghis (2000 - version Silbersee 2017), “La fabbrica illuminata” by Luigi Nono (1964) and “Ode to Man (part 1 and 2)” by Yannis Kyriakides (2017).

We hear admiration for human ingenuity, fear of industrial machinery, as well as satisfaction with the conveniences of the digital world.

On the basis of these compositions, Silbersee blends song, dance, electronics and video art. Homo Instrumentalis is a visual music performance about man and machine.

Silbersee is a production centre for unorthodox music theatre and experimental opera. Artistic director and founder Romain Bischoff creates meetings between a diversity of theatre makers, composers, writers, singers, dancers, actors, choreographers, puppeteers, circus performers and other artists, in genres ranging from classical to urban. This leads to interdisciplinary performances that each in their own way are physical, poetic and disarming.


Performer - Fanny Alofs (Alto), Miguel Angél Gaspar (Dance), Jennifer Claire van der Hart (Soprano), Eléonore Lemaire (Soprano), Jorge Morro (Dance), Carl Refos (Dance), Michaela Riener (Soprano/Mezzosoprano), Johanne Saunier (Dance)
Live-Electronics - Wouter Snoei