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Welcome to the cyber world! On 15th and 16th September the Refektorium will be transformed into a virtual reality lab.  For these two days visitors have a unique opportunity to switch off the real world for a while and immerse themselves in a digital one. We will present innovative and imaginative VR projects by artists working at the forefront of both art and technology.  Just drop in: admission, Oculus Rif glasses and unforgettable futuristic experiences are free of charge.

These are the brand new virtual reality artworks:

'Welcome to the Desert of the Real' by Leeza Pritychenko is based on Jean Baudrillard's book 'Simulacra and Simulation' – one of postmodernism's standard works - and the philosophical concept of hyper-reality. This assumes that our perception of the world is biased and incorrect - and in many cases manipulated. Users go on a 40 minute journey through a metaphorical landscape accompanied by the voice and soundscapes of Izabel Caligiore. More information, visuals and a trailer can be found at:

'Raga Chromesthesia' by Sander Bos is a form of synaesthesia in which sounds transform themselves into experiences of colour. Sounds and images evolve into a common language. Sander Bos: "When I listen to music by an Indian virtuoso like Ravi Shankar, visual elements belong to it in a very organic way. Once I entered a deep trance listening to Ravi's powerful performance and I thought: this guy isn't just playing music, he's building temples! Complex geometric structures that seem to be made of light started to materialise in my mind. The sound of the sitar created forms and colours. I combine sitar music with an immersive virtual reality environment. The sound of the sitar leads visitors through new dimensions of light and beauty." Further information and a trailer can be found at:
A new work by Julius Horsthuis, a visual effects (VFX) designer and fractal artist. He has created visual effects for several major Dutch films and experiments with so-called fractal environments that are based on geometric patterns. His films and VR experiences have been exhibited at festivals all around the world.  Julius Horsthuis was also represented at last year's  Ruhrtriennale virtual reality weekend in the Refektorium. Further information is available at: