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Dance / World Premiere

BacH. ceLLoSuITEn

Johann Sebastian Bach, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
Jean-Guihen Queyras, Rosas

Anne van Aerschot

Johann Sebastian Bach’s cello suites are regarded as being among the highlights of Western musical history. Their inventive architecture, dancing rhythm and timeless beauty still speak to us today. Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s affinity with Bach has already been evident in numerous earlier productions including ‘Partita 2’, which was previously seen at the Ruhrtriennale. De Keersmaecker strives to find a choreographic signature which may grasp the essence of Bach’s musical vocabulary. In this production the six suites, performed by the world famous cellist Jean-Guihen Queyras, are adapted, probed and danced in a choreographic work for three male and two female dancers including De Keersmaeker herself. Each suite is preceded by a short work by the contemporary Hungarian composer György Kurtag. The fascinating symbiosis of music and dance reveals not only the nature of each individual suite but also their interplay within the cycle as a whole.

“33 years on and I'm still dancing Fase and the Violin Phase solo. I have to find in a consistent manner a new vocabulary that I can dance for the next decade. Jean-Guihen Queyras is an exceptional cellist because he has the ability to play baroque, romantic and contemporary music at the highest level. His invitation to collaborate was a surprise to me, and an honour, but is now primarily a challenge. I consider it an exceptional opportunity to write a 'dance for the years to come' to the music of Bach.”