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How does anyone follow Aphex Twin? This question was asked a lot in the Nineties but only now do we appear to have an answer: Venezuelan musician and producer Arca is regarded as one of the leading pioneers of a pop music of the future. The soundscapes he works with are both disturbing and fascinating. Arca draws on references to the electronic avant-garde of Karl-Heinz Stockhausen or the sonic experiments of György Ligeti on the one hand and links them with fragmentary elements of contemporary club music on the other. The reciprocal interaction between high culture and pop has never been so directly tangible as it has in the work of the now London-based artist Arca.

Arca only became world famous through his collaboration with some of the greatest pop stars of our time, who hired him as a producer for their own work. Arca not only graced several tracks on the legendary Kanye West albums ‘Yeezus’, he also produced Icelandic pop icon Björk’s latest allbum ‘Vulnicura’ together with The Haxan Cloak.

His new live show to accompany his third album which will be released in spring 2017 will be the closing concert of this year’s Ruhrtriennale. It is conceived in collaboration with film artist Jesse Kanda and fashion designer Grace Wales Bonner as an audio-visual Gesamtkunstwerk and will only be presented in very few cities around the world.

Support: Moussa Coulibaly

Als Vorband für das Arca-Konzert kommt der westafrikanische Musiker Moussa Coulibaly, der zwischen Bukina Faso und Berlin lebt. Er versteht sich selbst in der Tradition zu Griot-Musikern, die in den vorwiegend oralen Kulturen Westafrikas als Lehrer und Geschichtenerzähler fungierten. Mit den traditionellen Instrumenten seiner Heimat markiert Moussa Coulibaly die rhythmischen Wurzeln der Musik, die abstrahierter elektronischer Form im Anschluss von Arca gezeigt wird.