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Kultur Ruhr GmbH
Gerard-Mortier-Platz 1
44793 Bochum
T +49 (0) 234 97 48 33 00

Chief executives

Dr. Stefanie Carp, Dr. Vera Battis-Reese


Verena Bierl, Anne Britting, Dr. Stefanie Carp, Janna Dittmeyer, Lisa Ernst, Fabio Gorchs, Carolin Hochleichter, Lisa Katharina Holzberg, Franca Lohmann, Anne Mahlow, Florian Malzacher, Barbara Mundel, Dr. Julia Naunin, Brigitte Olbrisch, Lucie Ortmann, Matthias Osterwold, Dr. Philipp Schulte, Juliane Votteler, Caroline Wolter, Kai Wycisk

Design (Art Direction)

by Peppered Nederland B.V. after a concept by Casual Compositions

Web development

Peppered Nederland B.V.

Englische Texts

David Tushingham

Chairman of The Board

Isabel Pfeiffer-Poensgen

Company Register

Bochum HRB 16669

Value Added Tax Identification Number

DE223 424 543

Subject to alterations


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