OPEN CALL: Cabin Crew Night – Performances im Third Space

Entry deadline: 10 July 2019

This year, the Ruhrtriennale invites three young artists and/or collectives from North Rhine-Westphalia to develop performances in the smallest of spaces and to show them once on 20 September 2019 at 9.30 p.m. in the Third Space on the forecourt of the Jahrhunderthalle Bochum. As a performance space, each of the three artists/collectives has a “cabin” available, which is to be performed in for a period of three hours under the motto Cabin Crew Night. The form is free: from performance loops or durationals to participative one-on-one performances through to dance, mini stage formats or performative table discussions – a great deal is possible.

3 performances in 3 cabins on 3 x 3m for a period of 3 hours

Step inside, board, enter, share time and space – you don’t know each other – you know where it’s going, but not how it’ll end. Are we in an aeroplane, in a time capsule, in the theatre? What is being negotiated, what is happening where and what offers lie in the emerging intermediate space?
On 20 September 2019, 3 of the performances submitted are to open up an intermediate space for encounters and in between times in 3 “cabins" under the motto Cabin Crew Night.

This place is located in the Third Space – a place designed by the architectural collective raumlaborberlin on the forecourt of the Jahrhunderthalle and which ranges between walk-in installation and event space. It unites meeting place and venue, construction site and stage. The set of components for this hybrid site consists, among other things, of aeroplane parts, sea containers and seat shells from football stadiums, and is assembled and supplemented each year in a new way. Alongside a large assembly room, the Third Space contains several small “cabins” made of aeroplane elements, an exhibition space for the installation Αλληλεγγύη by Barbara Ehnes, and a bar and an outdoor area.
The Ruhrtriennale under the direction of Stefanie Carp aims to promote the regional young talent of theatre and performance artists and provide their work with a platform in the Third Space. We are looking for up-and-coming artists from North Rhine-Westphalia who deal with the topic area of this intermediate space, its temporality and the persons acting in it.

The performance space is provided by three different cabins in the Third Space adjacent to a large function room and are to be performed in simultaneously. The three cabins are all approx. 3 x 3m in size and have a height of 3.27m. Since the cabins consist of aeroplane elements, such as a cockpit or part of a fuselage, the walls are round and made of metal, as is the floor. They are not closeable, and are only open to the function room. You cannot apply for a specific cabin, but you can indicate a preference. We will try to take your wish into account in the selection.

The following cabins are available:

  • Cabin 1:
    • Dimensions: 3.16m x 2.70m
    • Not closeable, only one opening to the function room
    • Performance only possible via stage/function room
  • Cabin 2:
    • Dimensions: 2.96m x 2.74m
    • On the rear wall there is a strip with 3 screens (each 10 inch), which cannot, however, be used for the performance
    • Cabin 2 is divided into two parts:
      • Rear part: cockpit (raised 3 steps)
      • Front part: cabin/stage area (2.96m x 2.74m/ not closeable) with screens on the rear wall
    • The stage area offers the option of performing via the cockpit
  • Cabin 3:
    • Dimensions: 2.95m x 3.04m
    • In the rear part of the room there is a small basin which can be covered or used
    • Not closeable, only one opening to the function room
    • Performance only possible via stage/function room

The performances are to be held on 20 September 2019 from 9.30 p.m. for a period of three hours, and shown simultaneously. The audience can decide for itself which performance it watches first and then rotate. The cabin can either be used as a stage area with the audience sitting in front and following the performance, or the audience can enter the cabin individually or in groups of up to three people and take part in the performance there. Due to the parallel performances in the cabins, there may be acoustic overlapping.

Each artist/collective and cabin is to be provided with basic technical equipment (light/sound/video), technical support and a lump sum of €750 gross.

Basic technical equipment:

  • Light: simple basic light
  • Electrical connections are available
  • Additional technology can be provided to a limited extent on request and by arrangement (attach tech rider).
  • You can bring your own technology, which has to be checked first by the technical support on site.
  • Since three performances are shown simultaneously, they should be as unamplified as possible or only with small speakers so as to minimise acoustic overlaps.
  • Technical support on the day of the rehearsal as well as before and during the performance.

Flat-rate payment:

  • For each of the three selected works, a flat-rate payment of €750 (gross) is to be made. This includes all production, material, accommodation and travel costs, as well as fees. The distribution of the flat-rate payment is up to each artist/collective and no (detailed) accounting is required.
  • Setup and rehearsal time:
    • Inspection of the "cabins" is possible from 23 August during the opening hours of the Third Space (Wed-Fri 3-9.00 p.m. / Sat-Son 2-9.00 p.m.)
    • Setup and rehearsal day: 19 September 2019
    • Soundcheck and final setup: 20 September 2019 from 7.00 p.m.
    • Dismantling after the performance


The Open Call is geared towards young artists/collectives from North Rhine-Westphalia, at the start of their professional lives. In the case of collectives, at least one person must have their main place of work/residence in North Rhine-Westphalia. Performances in a very confined space are sought, which can be implemented with a short setup and rehearsal time and performed on 20 September 2019 for a period of 3 hours in the Third Space. Both finished works and concepts for new works can be submitted for the cabins. Performances can be submitted in any language. A description, synopsis or translation idea for the audience in English and German is required during the performance.
Taking the stated criteria into account, three performances will be selected by the dramaturgy of the Ruhrtriennale.


Interested parties should submit their application with the application form below by 10 July 2019.
Only digital submissions with a fully completed form (including attachment) can be included in the selection process. Notification of selection will be provided in the beginning of August and exclusively by e-mail.

Please notice our regulations


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