This year, the Ruhrtriennale once again invites ten young artists and filmmakers to show their short films in the Third Space at the centre of the festival.

Entry deadline: 10 July 2019

The Third Space on the forecourt of the Jahrhunderthalle Bochum is designed by the architectural collective raumlaborberlin and ranges between walk-in installation and event space. It unites meeting place and venue, construction site and stage. The set of components for this hybrid site consists, among other things, of aeroplane parts, sea containers and seat shells from football stadiums, and is assembled and supplemented each year in a new way. The construction process is the search for connections between the different elements and their radical reinterpretation. Discuss and build, screw and search for words. The programme in the Third Space also deals with these conceptual ideas: workshop and discussion formats constitute a mutual search for interfaces and a negotiation of points of friction.

In this context, the following questions and topics are in the foreground: (How) can different social groups meet and - despite or perhaps because of their different background, gender and political mindset - get into conversation with each other? Which new contents and meanings emerge through a negotiation of the differences, which are overwritten and reinterpreted? What opportunities are offered by the intermediate realm of the Third Space? What alternative ways of thinking are made possible in this place, which only emerges through negotiation?

For this intermediate space we seek your short films. Based on the concept of the “Third Space” from the postcolonial theorist Homi. K. Bhabha, this year’s Open Call is under the motto Third Space – Films in Between. We are interested in works that deal with the negotiation of social processes, which take imbalances in power into account and which address the negotiation and overwriting of supposedly “normal” patterns. The focus is on the space between the individual positions and persons, the negotiation and the relationship.

The Third Space on the forecourt of the Jahrhunderthalle Bochum consists of a large assembly room with several adjoining “cabins” made of aeroplane elements. In one of these “cabins”, the cockpit at the heart of the aeroplane, the short films will be shown throughout the entire festival period in an installation of screens and aeroplane seats. In addition, all the short films selected will be shown on screen on 15 September 2019 in the Third Space.


The Open Call is geared towards young artists at the start of their professional lives. The Ruhrtriennale under the direction of Stefanie Carp aims to promote the new generation of filmmakers and video artists and provide a platform for their work in the Third Space. The short films submitted should deal with the topic area described above under the motto Third Space – Films in Between and not exceed a playing time of max. 15 minutes. Films can be submitted in any language, however English subtitles are required. The year of release, genre and chromaticity (b/w or in colour) are not subject to specifications. Unfortunately, analogue submissions on 16/35mm gauge film material cannot be entered. Taking the stated criteria into account, ten films will be selected by the dramaturgy of the Ruhrtriennale and a one-off screening fee of € 100 (gross) paid for each film selected.


Interested parties should can submit their application with the following application form by 10 July 2019.
Only digital submissions with a fully completed form (including attachment) can be included in the selection process. Notification of selection will be provided in the beginning of August and exclusively by e-mail.

Please notice our regulations.


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