As part of the series of talks Labors of Living Together by the Federal Cultural Foundation, choreographer Florentine Holzinger will meet philospophist Eva von Redecker on Tuesday, 6 July at 7 pm.

In Lab #4, under the title Das bedrohte Überleben - menschliche Selbstbestimmung (The Threatened Survival - Human Self-Determination), they will talk about the experiences of life at risk and the presence of death, which have literally become more virulent as a result of the pandemic.

With this rehearsal visit, the philosopher not only wants to gain first insights into the development of the new dance piece "A Divine Comedy" by Florentina Holzinger, but also to talk with the choreographer above all about the love of life in times of collective depression and about how the experience of threatened survival can give rise to a power to imagine and politically shape a future worth living.

The dance piece "A Divine Comedy" by Florentina Holzinger will celebrate its world premiere at the Ruhrtriennale on 19 August 2021.

More information about the talk can be found here:

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