Junge Triennale

The Junge Triennale gives children and young people the opportunity to experience art and culture and to make their own. It curates productions for young audiences, families and school classes at the Ruhrtriennale and invites children and young people to artistic projects and workshops.

At the Ruhrtriennale 2021, families will experience the music of the legendary Thelonious Monk in the jazz children's concert by the Belgian Zonzo Compagnie. Thelonious, recommended for children aged 6 and over, will be shown on 18 and 19 September at the Gebläsehalle in Duisburg. You can find more information here.

Online, classes can participate live at Zoom in the interactive performance Unterscheidet euch! Ein Gesellschaftsspiel by Turbo Pascal, which deals with social sorting and inequalities.

For young people aged 15 and over and adults, we have invited the production Paisajes para no colorear (Landscapes not to be coloured) by Teatro La Re-Sentida from Chile, in which nine young actresses fight against violence against women. The stirring theatre performance can be seen at the Salzlager in Essen from 8 September. For school classes and courses from year 10, we also show performances in the morning and offer preparatory workshops.

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You can see the results of the last project of the Junge Triennale here.

How to participate


Anne Britting
Project management #nofear und Dramaturge Junge Triennale
T + 49 (0) 234 97 483 418

Alicia Ulfik
FSJ Culture Junge Triennale
T + 49 (0) 234 97 483 347

You can see the results of the last projects of the Junge Triennale on our website jungetriennale.de.

The Junge Triennale is funded by the Stifttung Mercator.