Jetzt & Jetzt

Participants wanted for »Jetzt & Jetzt«

Parallel to the presentation of the complete edition of 21 - Memories of Growing Up, a new long-term project by Mats Staub will be created in the back of the Turbinenhalle during the Ruhrtriennale 2021, focusing on the present and the near future: Jetzt & Jetzt is a snapshot, a preservation of the moment on re-submission, and deals with the change of man within two years.

Who am I today, right now? What point have I reached in my life? And: who might I be in two years’ time? Who is going to be looking back at me out of the mirror then?

In his latest long-term project Mats Staub focuses his interest in people and their stories on the present and the near future. Part One will be created during the course of this year’s festival, Part Two in two years’ time.
At the heart of Now & Now is the living individual, constantly on the move, changing and growing. Faster or slower. Higher or lower. The project will be created together with people who live in the Ruhr region and are willing to agree to two meetings a long time apart: one now for an hour during the Ruhrtriennale 2021, and then again for another hour in two years. Now & Now is a snapshot, conserving the moment to be shown again.

We are looking for one participant of every age between 8 and 80 years old – each one will stand opposite their own reflection and listen to their favourite music while being filmed, and they will then write a letter to themselves by hand. This letter will be kept safe until their second meeting with their former selves in two years’ time. The images and words from all these meetings will form the basis for a new work that Mats Staub will present at the Ruhrtriennale.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact us by emailing and you will be asked for the following: name the month and year in which you were born (a maximum of only two persons per year may take part), look for a photo that was taken of you approximately two years ago; send this to us and describe in a few sentences what changes you have noticed. (All information is solely for the purpose of finding participants and will not be put to any other use).  

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