Human Nature – Literature, Music, Dialogue

Lukas Bärfuss and guests

Our series about »human nature« continues in year three and we examine its title in two senses: what is the nature of human beings? But what do humans understand »nature« to be? When did the idea of human beings and nature as conflicting opposites become rooted in our minds? Answers can be found in humanity’s greatest repository of knowledge and experience: in literature. Three evenings with three literary journeys through the centuries and across continents. Presented by Bibiana Beglau, Wiebke Puls and Anna Drexler accompanied by the musicians Polina Lapkovskaja (Pollyester), Carl Oesterhelt and Sachiko Hara as well as Theo Nabicht. These will be preceded by the writer Lukas Bärfuss in conversation with distinguished scientists, examining three pairs of concepts that have shaped our past, occupy our present and will determine our future: nature and luxury, nature and technology, and nature and sadness.

Talking to Lukas Bärfuss

Ruhrtriennale dramaturge Judith Gerstenberg met the writer Lukas Bärfuss in Zurich and spoke with him about the focus of this year's events and the invited guests.