Mariano Pensotti

Concept, Direction

Mariano Pensotti, born 1973 in Buenos Aires, is an Argentine author and theatre director. He studied Cinema, Visual Arts and Theatre in Buenos Aires, Spain and Italy. He formed the Grupo Marea together with Set Designer Mariana Tirantte, the musician Diego Vainer, the light designer Alejandro Le Roux and the artistic producer Florencia Wasser. In his work he developed two different lines, one composed by stage performances where he writes his own texts and the play is strongly based on the work with the actors, and in parallel he produced several site specific performances. In theatre as an author and director he created more than fifteen performances in the past ten years. Among his latest creations are "Diamante", "Arde brillante en los bosques de la noche", "Cuando vuelva a casa voy a ser otro", "Cineastas" and "El Pasado es un animal grotesco". Some of his site specific works are e. g. "El Público", "A veces creo que te veo" and "La Marea". All of them were presented in more than thirty cities around the world. Pensotti has become one of the most noted experimental directors throughout the world. He and his company tour extensively throughout the year.



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