Phoenix (Andreas Hofer)

Light Design

Andreas (Phoenix) Hofer from Vienna worked in Christoph Marthaler’s production Universe, Incomplete already at Ruhrtriennale in 2018 as the lighting designer. He studied chemical engineering in Linz. Initial lighting activities in Posthof Linz then led him to the Vienna Festival and Salzburg Festival where he accompanied numerous productions since 1997. From 2002 on he created the light for various dance productions from the independent scene. Since 2005 he designed the light for many productions by Christoph Marthaler. At the Bregenzer Festspiele 2015 he was responsible for the lighting design in the production Hoffmanns Erzählungen directed by Stefan Herheim. This collaboration has resulted in a lot of new creations in Hamburg, Oslo, Lyon, Paris and Berlin. Other works were done in Vienna, Avignon, Berlin and Cologne. Since autumn 2013 he has been teaching lighting design at the scenography class of Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.



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