Ayben, born in Istanbul in 1982, is the first female rapper in Turkey. As a younger sister of the famous rapper Ceza, she learned early on that rap can also be successful in Turkish. So she started to write her own texts. In 1998, she released her first professional recording “Yüzyüze” on Nefret's album “Meclis-i Ala İstanbul”. Later she released several singles and appeared in duo with various artists. In 2008, she produced her successful solo album “Sensin O”. Numerous concerts followed in Turkey and abroad. In 2010, she was invited to the project “Hip Hop Connection Connected” as a representative of Turkey to Cairo and Alexandria. In 2013, her single “Oha Dersin” was released. Shortly thereafter she took part in the theatre play “Urban Sounds Clash Classic” at Ballhaus Naunynstrasse in Berlin. In 2017, she started her new album “Başkan”. In 2018, the title “Kimsin” followed for the well-known TV series Avlu. In 2019, the singles “Pisi Pisine” and “Seçin” appeared.



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