Mit Ohne Alles

Created with and performed by

We are young people from the Ruhr area aged between 17 and 20. Some of us were born in Germany, some of us came as refugees or emigrated here. Since 2015 we have been working on our own projects as a young artists’ collective of the Junge Triennale. We want to make a difference. We want to show what it’s like to be young: crazy, free, confused – by society, by our parents, by ourselves. Since 2018 we have been on the road with our current project #nofear in Essen-Katernberg. Throughout the 2019 season, together with the Berlin theatre collective Berlocken, we are exploring how people come to power, who has power, whether money, knowledge or influence are power, and how powerful or powerless we ourselves are. The results can be seen in our performance #nofear: Macht den Weg frei during the Ruhrtriennale. In our podcast #nofear we report on unexpected encounters and surprising insights, interview guests and share our own opinions. Our motto is: We’re not afraid, we want everything!



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