Aparición / Erscheinung

Every third day, a woman is murdered by her partner or ex-partner in Germany. Recently, the term »femicide« (homicide of a female) has helped spark a broader discourse on the topic and render violence against women, as well as domestic violence, more visible. In Latin America, in particular, such murders seem to be neglected and in countries like Germany, where violation within marriage was not considered a crime until 1997, they are even more invisible.

The performative piece Aparición by Regina José Galindo draws attention to this distressing statistic and lethal domestic violence perpetrated against women in Germany. Every third day, an anonymous female body appears unexpectedly in a public space, a living memorial to the murdered. In the same interval, pictures of the actions will be published on the Ruhrtriennale website.

In Regina José Galindo’s artistic work, the female body – vulnerable, scarred, but alive and combative – typically portrays how systems of oppression and violence are ingrained in our societies. Her performances depict injury, assault and defencelessness, making visible what routinely happens in unmonitored crime scenes. Aparición has been developed originally for the project Owned by Others in Berlin and in collaboration with Lutz Henke. The work is intended to be extended by activists and partners worldwide, such as the Ruhrtriennale.

Commissioned by Ruhrtriennale


Concept  Regina José Galindo
Photography & Video  Matthias Maercks & Lutz Henke
Dramaturgy  Aljoscha Begrich
Production  Lutz Henke