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Unsere Angebote für junge Menschen und Studierende

Our offers for young people and students

With our Last-Minute Ticket, you as a young person have the opportunity to discover the Ruhrtriennale from just 10€! All events at the Third Space are free of charge! Are you looking for an exchange with other young people? Then come to the Club.Ruhr and find new friends!


The Ruhrtriennale, the international festival of the arts, is giving away 50 festival passes to students up to and including 30 years of age. The pass allows free admission to all available events of the festival.

The festival pass 2019 was made possible by the Freunde und Förderer der Ruhrtriennale e.V.


Get to know the Ruhrtriennale even better through joint visits to performances, discussions with artists and glimpses behind the scenes and experience the festival with like-minded people! In addition, the Club.Ruhr meets monthly for excursions and events and explores the cultural institutions of the region together. Further information at ruhrtriennale-foerderverein.de.

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The Junge Triennale tries out and questions: Throughout the year, children, young people, families, schools and teachers explore the future creatively with artists and cultural workers in the Safe Space in Duisburg-Hochfeld: in workshops, groups and courses.

In the festival program of the Ruhrtriennale, the Junge Triennale shows Unterscheidet euch! Ein Gesellschaftsspiel for children from 10 years of age and organises the non-conference #no fear in here! for people of all ages together with schools, children and young people - register now for participation at jungetriennale@ruhrtriennale.de.

The podcast #nofear - to join in and listen to - and further information about the program in the Safe Space as well as opportunities for schools, children and young people to participate at ruhr3.com/jungetriennale.


Cutting up an airplane, re-ordering material, adopting different perspectives: the collective raumlaborberlin puts spaces in motion. For the last time the entire archive of building blocks from the last two years will be shuffled and reconfigured at the heart of the Ruhrtriennale – in a largescale installation, the Third Space.

As well as a place to meet, a building site and a stage, this year the Third Space will also become a living library, offering the chance to re-order what we know. Let us question existing knowledge, admit other perspectives and unlearn what we think we know!


50% discount is available to pupils and students up to 30 years of age, trainees and the unemployed on tickets sold in advance and at the box office. Last-Minute-Tickets are even available at the box office from 10€.


Stay up to date and receive information about current specials via our newsletter! With the hashtag #RT20 you won't miss a Ruhrtriennale posting on Instagram or Twitter anymore! The best contributions published under the hashtag #RT20 are regularly shared on our Twitter channel or in our Instagram Stories.


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