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Important note

Unfortunately our project location Safe Space will remain closed. But online and at home, the Junge Triennale is still open for you!

As long as it is not possible in our Safe Space, the group Safe Space Teens (for teenagers from 10 years on) meets online at Instagram @safespaceteens every Tuesday at 3pm - join in!

Our podcast team also continues from home: here you can listen to all episodes.

And we're producing a trailer for our non-conference #no fear in here! in autumn - record a video of you writing / crafting / designing #no fear in here! somewhere and somehow and send it to us!

You want to tell us something, have ideas or questions? You want to plan the future with us or a common project? Send a message to: jungetriennale@ruhrtriennale.de, on Instagram or Facebook or call us under 0234/97 483 418.

We have a great longing to meet you again in the Safe Space and hope that soon there will be offers there again. We will keep you informed here and on the social media channels of the Junge Triennale when the time finally comes.

Follow us @jungetriennale & hold on!

YourJunge Triennale

Junge Triennale

Giving young people a voice. Taking young people seriously. Offering young people a platform. Letting young people in – to a cultural institution. That’s what the Junge Triennale does. Here young people come together with artists and cultural workers in order to articulate things as they see them and make these visible. This is where the project #nofear is produced, the programme for young audiences is curated, contact is established with schools and the Third Space’s provision for children and young people is supported.


Anne Britting, Lina Hölscher (parental leave), Einar Fehrholz, Vittoria Lenz, Sonja Vallot
T + 49 (0) 234 97 48 34-18
F + 49 (0) 234 97 48 33-39



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