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Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord

Kraftzentrale / Gebläsehalle

Kraftzentrale / Gebläsehalle

The Aktiengesellschaft für Hüttenbetrieb was founded by August Thyssen in the north of Duisburg in 1902. The 200-hectare site was home to five blast furnaces as well as a pit, a sintering plant, a coking plant and a foundry. The Kraftzentrale and Gebläsehalle have been restored and reused for cultural events.

Public Transport

Tram 903 to Landschaftspark­Nord

By Car

Please make sure to choose the Emscherstraße in Duisburg-Meiderich or Duisburg-Hamborn. The car park is located directly opposite the main entrance of the Landschaftspark.

Emscherstraße 71
47137 Duisburg-Meiderich


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