(c) Michael Godehardt /Ruhrtriennale2018
Fri 31 Aug Sun 23 Sep
New Work / Sculpture

Appeal to the Youth of All Nations

31 Aug
23 Sep
  • 31 Aug – 31 Aug
    First performance
    Jahrhunderthalle, Bochum
  • 1 Sep – 23 Sep
    Jahrhunderthalle, Bochum
    Plattform Third Space

American artist Olu Oguibe’s artistic output uses a variety of media to investigate mostly political and social circumstances and to create spaces for reflection and debate. In recent times he has created nu- merous impressive sculptural forms to which he has added a textual message. One example is the six metre high obelisk with the inscrip- tion “I was a stranger and you took me in” that he erected on the Königsplatz in Kassel in 2017 as part of documenta 14.

In his site visits for the Ruhrtriennale 2018 Olu Oguibe perceived the Ruhr region as one distinguished, among other things, by the wealth of “artworks” that have been left to us in public spaces by the age of heavy industry. Oguibe does not wish to add any further ob- jects to these fallow industrial sites. Instead he will attempt to make their existing architectonic structures visible as artistic sculptures. He will therefore develop a social intervention in the form of a text-based sculpture on the site of the Jahrhunderthalle in Bochum. Openly ac- cessible at all times, this presents a universal appeal to the youths of all nations in three languages: in German and English – as these are the two most common languages in Europe – and in Romani, as the language representative of the largest minority and one of the earliest migrant groups in Europe.

Olu Oguibe received a Phd in art history from University of London and was until recently Professor of Art at the University of Connecti- cut. He has an extensive knowledge of the African and Afro-American art scenes. In addition to his artistic practice he is also active as a curator.

(c) Michael Godehardt /Ruhrtriennale2018

Introduction And Further Information

Free access to the sculpture

A commission by Ruhrtriennale. Courtesy Olu Oguibe and KOW, Berlin

Funded by Stiftung der Sparkasse Bochum zur Förderung von Kultur und Wissenschaft


Concept Olu Oguibe
Architect Markus Hanisch
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