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Thu 10 Sep Sun 20 Sep

Polizei (OMOH)

10 Sep
20 Sep

Berlin-based artist Julius von Bismarck discovered art through observations of natural phenomena and an interest in technology. His works are based on research in various scientific disciplines and in many ways they resemble experiments themselves. Independence and conducting oneself with integrity are considered the cornerstones of a liberal and democratic society. Von Bismarck’s experimental and often provocative arrangements question what significance such values actually have.

He first rose to prominence in 2007 by inventing the Image Fulgurator, a form of exposure pistol that could be used to shoot images into other photographs at the moment they were taken. As part of the symposium The Boundaries of Freedom – Art production between political influence, digital hysteria and self-censorship von Bismarck will present a performative installation at the Jahrhunderthalle. The work destabilises a way of looking at things influenced in advance by history, vocabulary and habit, one that exists both in science and in art. It demands that we test our own perceptions and the categories we divide the world into.

Foyer der Jahrhunderthalle
An der Jahrhunderthalle 1
44793 Bochum

Open one hour before performance start for performances in the Jahrhunderthalle, and from 12th – 20th Sept from 14.00 – 17.00.

Further Information

A project by Urbane Künste Ruhr for Ruhrtriennale.


Installation Julius von Bismarck
Curation Britta Peters


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