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What makes teenager undertake a dangerous journey to an unknown land? What situation leads parents to send their own children away in order to save them? What does it tell about the society we live in that millions of children cross the borders risking their lives on journeys that last for months or years in search of a future?

According to asylum law, unaccompanied minor refugees cannot be deported. Until 18, they are safe. But what future have these young people got if they need to be afraid of growing up?

Futureland takes the form of a video game to tell the story of eight young people aged between 14 and 18 who have travelled to Germany on their own from Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Guinea and Bangladesh. They have come half way across the world on foot, by boat or hidden in lorries. Now they live in Germany surrounded by social workers, child protection services, guardians and other young people from a variety of cultures. They find themselves between cultures, caught between childhood and adulthood, between the past, the present and the future. And they have already experienced more than many of us will do in our entire lives.

Turbinenhalle an der Jahrhunderthalle Bochum
An der Jahrhunderthalle
44793 Bochum

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Jahrhunderthalle Bochum

Further Information

Introduction 45 minutes prior to show.

Artist talk 21st of August after the performance.

Produced by Maxim Gorki Theater in co-production with Ruhrtriennale.

Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

Language information: German with English surtitles.


Direction, Text Lola Arias
Support Artistic Creation Bibiana Picado Mendes
Stage Design Dominic Huber
Music Santiago Blaum
Costume Design Tutia Schaad
Choreography Colette Sadler
Video Editing and Compositing Mikko Gaestel
3D Videoanimation Luis August Krawen
Dramaturgy Johanna Hömann Florian Malzacher
Recherche/Casting Hannah Baumann
With Ahmad Azrati Fabiya Bhuiyan Mamadou Allou Diallo Mohamed Haj Younis Bashar Kanan Sagal Odowa May Saada Sarah Safi


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