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Song Dreaming

19 Aug
  • 19 Aug
    First performance
    Maschinenhaus, Essen
    Maschinenhaus Essen
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For many years the long-time Zurich resident, Kazakh-Turkish singer Saadet Türköz, together with cellist and improviser Martin Schütz and percussionist Lionel Friedli, both from Biel, have been playing a kind of “imaginary folklore” entitled Song Dreaming. In her improvisations Türköz is drawing on the wealth of archaic songs from the region from which she originates. Schütz improvises freely in his abstract and contemporary musical language. Friedli provides a rhythmic foundation with his versatile, subtly driving percussion.

This interplay imbues the abstract with archaic power and lends the archaic a contemporary complexity. A kind of “simulacra” are created: dream images in which times, motifs and myths intersect rather than succeeding each other in epochs. As a result this music is filled with a very special spirit and leads to a dark, ecstatic musical celebration!

Maschinenhaus Essen
Zeche Carl
Wilhelm-Nieswandt-Allee 100
45326 Essen

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Maschinenhaus Essen

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