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Fri 14 Aug 18:00

Reflections On Planetary Living

14 Aug
  • 14 Aug
    First performance
    Jahrhunderthalle Bochum, Bochum
    Turbinenhalle an der Jahrhunderthalle

Many are wondering how we should inhabit anew and share as equitably as possible a planet whose life support system has been so severely damaged by human activities and that is in dire need of repair. In this lecture, Achille Mbembe will reflect on the concept of ‚reparation‘ and the modalities of what he calls planetary living. He will pay particular attention to technological escalation and the ways in which it has redefined the nature of speed and unshackled markets and the economy. He will also comment on the ongoing worldwide practices of incarceration and enclosure, whose result is the erection around the Earth of all kinds of walls, gates and enclaves as a way to manage risk and safeguard identity. Africa and Europe, he will argue, urgently need to confront each other over their issue of reparation and human mobility, a key dimension of the planetary shifts that are under way.

The Cameroon-born and Johannesburg-based political theorist and historian Achille Mbembe is one of the leading and most creative thinkers of the present day. His analysis of the history of colonialism and the exploitation of the African continent is unparalleled.

Turbinenhalle an der Jahrhunderthalle Bochum
An der Jahrhunderthalle 1
44793 Bochum

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Language information: In English with German translation.


Speaker Achille Mbembe


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