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Chorwerk Ruhr celebrates its 20th anniversary by presenting one of the most important and extravagant choral works in the history of music: Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy’s Elijah. Mendelssohn’s oratorio is based on the Old Testament story of the prophet Elijah. The material is intensely dramatic – from the terrible curse Elijah pronounces when God appears to his final ascension into Heaven. So it is no surprise that the music composition contains operatic features.

It is a fascinating work because of the special way it links recitative, arias and choruses and the variety of its choral movements: contrapuntal passages, in parts fugue or canon-like, alternate with homophone movements and forms of choral movement. Mendelssohn makes full use of all the means at his disposal to create choral scenes with thrilling dramatic effects.

In this production conducted by Florian Helgath, Chorwerk Ruhr will work together with the outstanding Concerto Köln. The soloists are Carolina Ullrich, Ingeborg Danz, Patrick Grahl and Thomas E. Bauer.

Free shuttle service

A shuttle bus will take you from Essen Hbf to the Maschinenhalle Zweckel in Gladbeck and back on 19th Sept. Information on departure times can be found here.

Further Information

A production by CHORWERK RUHR for Ruhrtriennale 2020.


Orchester Concerto Köln
Musical direction Florian Helgath
Sopran Carolina Ullrich
Alt Ingeborg Danz
Tenor Patrick Grahl
Bass Thomas E. Bauer


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