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Films in between/ Kurzfilmnacht

15 Sep
  • Sun 15 Sep
    19:00 – 22:00
    Jahrhunderthalle, Bochum
    Third Space

Ten young filmmakers have been invited to present their short films at Third Space. Those films are based on the concept of the Third Space  (Homi K. Bhabha).

Beasts Of No Nation

Krzysztof Honowski
Köln 2019 // Duration: 9.28 min

An essay film about crowds, nationalism and the loneliness of rollercoasters.
Born in London to Polish immigrants and now living in Germany, Krzysztof Honowski is very confused by what is happening right now in the two countries that he comes from. Examining the roots of his own political disappointment Honowski, together with the German actress Laura Sundermann, attempts to create a narrative that “speaks for a generation”.
This of course is impossible and this parody of a grand narrative soon gets derailed by the small details of the everyday. Honowski and Sundermann's narrator must instead confront their own cowardice, exhaustion and disavowal.
Cast: Laura Sundermann, Bradley Davies, Kalli

The Face of the Tree

Daliah Ziper
Frankfurt am Main 2019 // Duration: 13.24 min

Olive Trees - protagonists of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This tree metaphorically stands for home and exile, rootedness and displacement. The text "Olive Tress", written by the Israeli dramaturg Liat Fassberg accompanies the moving images and guides the viewer of the film through the divided land. The montage of text and image opens up new ways of thinking and perceiving the conflict, while nature becomes the place for discourse and negotiation.
Cast: Aziz & Or

my castle your castle

Kerstin Honeit
Berlin 2017 // Duration: 14.47 min

my castle your castle tackles the debate about rebuilding the Berliner Stadtschloss, the former royal palace in the centre of Berlin, on the foundations of the Palace of the Republic. Two building workers who were deeply involved in the construction or demolition of the palace take part in a talk show held on the site, along with a concert by queer cowboys. The palace, described as an emblematic structure that will restore identity to a nation, is turned into a space occupied by new actors whose voices are otherwise drowned out of the debate.
Cast: Production / Research / Dramaturgy: Jessica Páez
Performance: Peter Friedrich, Gunter Teichert, Damian Rebgetz, Paul Hankinson
Camera: Ljupcho Temelkovski, annette hollywood
Costume: Emma Cattell
Sound: Philipp Fröhlich, Jochen Jezussek

This is my land...

Salvador Miranda
Rotterdam 2019 // Duration: 7.49 min

This is my land… is an experimental 2-channel film examining the trial of a woman whose home is threatened by a new development project. The work explores the use of language and rhetoric, its deployment in support of incommensurable worldviews, as well as competing visions of utopia, progress and home.
Cast: Defendant: Amélie Onzon
Witness: Ed Lesemann
Prosecutor: Martijm Scherff
Prosecutor (v.o.): Michael Kras

Los animales

Paola Buontempo
La Plata 2012 // Duration: 8.38 min

The author John Berger asks in his essay “Why do we look at animals?” If the zoo offers us the opportunity to look at them, do animals look back at us? “The eyes of the animal hesitate and pass by. They look sideways, they look without seeing beyond the bars. They are immunized against the encounter.”
Cast: Edgardo Etcheverry

When we bleed

Ania Pachura
Göttingen 2018 // Duration: 14.37 min

Ania Pachura creates with and within the documentary film When we bleed a space which engages with menstruation and aims to demystificate the negative narratives of the stigma around it. The film gives women of several generations and backgrounds a voice to talk about their experiences, both on a personal and on a professional level.
Cast: Angharad Lewis-Jones, Noona Dattonram, Marie Böttner, Renata Fafinski, Gabriela Solinska, Emily Faris, Liya Hagos

Stilluntitled - Way of listening

Yuyen Lin-Woywod
Berlin 2018 // Duration: 10.47 min

Found footage material shows quick and unstructured sequences of images. Simultaneously, a google translate pops up and begins to translate a story about the loss of a language over one generation to the next. A voice tells us another story in unusual grammar structures but otherwise native sounding German.
Cast: Thea Drechsler, Yuyen Lin-Woywod

Private Talk

Liza Spivakovskaya und Nastya Dzyuban
Gießen 2019 // Duration: 14.58 min

Private Talk is a video essay, an intimate encounter of two people sharing partially common backgrounds in the context of expatriation. The meeting happens in between a conversation, game, interview and mental trip, raising topics of migration, ways of (not-)identifying with new places, stories, contexts; bridging language barriers, shifting perception of space and time. Starting with a quiet pace the dialog flows, at times transforming its velocity of meanings and relations. Being comprehensible by any spectator, the piece nevertheless can be perceived differently, based on the viewers cultural, political, existential and linguistic experiences.
Cast: Liza Spivakovskaya, Nastya Dzyuban


Lisa Domin
Gelsenkirchen 2018 // Duration: 8.09 min

The video follows a special form of communication: “Faxen”. The prison in Gelsenkirchen (Germany) has an unusual architecture: men and women sections lay vis-à-vis - only divided from a sports field. Conversations by "faxing" can be hold with letters written with light or hand in the air, mostly to foreign dialog partners who never see each other face to face. The contact to the inmate Vanessa made it possible to "stage" the communication form in order not to record the private conversations. The chance to exchange with other people becomes essential - just to kill time or even to dream of a common future.
Cast: Vanessa (Insassin der JVA)

O Catador sem Cabeça / The headless Gatherer

Igor Shin Moromisato
Köln 2019 // Duration: 14.06 min

This cinematic narrator cultivates a dream that feeds on desires, remorse and longing. Somnambulistic, pale at first, then more and more contoured, the animation about the "headless gatherer" is projected onto nocturnal cityscapes, their passers-by and their shady sides. The autobiographical metropolitan experiences skip across levels of time and images with a lightness that testifies to the refinement and complexity of their fusion. Igor Shin Moromisato sends his O Catador sem Cabeça, composed of Brazilian and Japanese cultural myths, into a splendidly colourful nocturnal atmosphere of which we would like to see more in the future.

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