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Wed 11 Sep 20:00

Eartha’s Guide to Everyday Living

11 Sep
  • 11 Sep
    First performance
    Maschinenhaus, Essen

Eartha’s Guide to Everyday Living pays homage to the superheroine Catwoman played by the singer, dancer and performer Eartha Kitt. In American tv series from the 1960s her Catwoman represented a female counterpart to Batman. The composerperformer trio N.E.W., previously known as Les Femmes Savantes, are joined by a series of guests to translate the cartoon-like aesthetic of two tv episodes contrasting with their own abstract sounds into a powerful spatial and sonic performance that combines grooves, light and video projections.

Maschinenhaus Essen
Wilhelm-Nieswandt-Allee 100
45326 Essen

Further Information

Artist talk after the performance.

Produced by N.E.W. in cooperation with Ruhrtriennale. Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds.


musicians N.E.W. + Guests
Composition, Trumpet, Electronics Sabine Ercklentz (N.E.W.)
Composition, Inside Piano, Mixer Andrea Neumann (N.E.W.)
Composition, Voice, Objects, Electronics Ute Wassermann (N.E.W.)
Composition, Electronics Kaffe Matthews (Guest)
Drums Katharina Ernst (Guest)
Video Editing and Compositing Tina Wilke (guest)
Curator RT Matthias Osterwold
Technical Project Manager RT Manfred Nücken
Artistic production manager RT Sandra Wissmann

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