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Mixing Plant

22 Aug
28 Sep
  • 22 Aug
    28 Sep
    Kokerei Zollverein, Essen
In his multi-channel video installation American artist Tony Cokes combines animated texts, found images from the media, single colour surfaces and pop music in order to construct new contexts of meaning and present these in thesis form. Cokes’s works raise questions about the power of media imag es and the unambiguousness of visual and auditory forms. His artistic analysis covers the representation of politics, cultural identity and ostensibly innocent pop music.

Welterbe Zollverein
Areal C
Arendahls Wiese /
Ecke Fritz-Schupp-Allee
45141 Essen

Further Information

opening hours: tue - sun 12:00am-08:00pm

A project by Urbane Künste Ruhr for Ruhrtriennale.

Language information: German and English


Multimedia-Installation Tony Cokes
Curation Britta Peters
Technical Project Manager RT Holger Harms


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