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Training for the Future

20 Sep
22 Sep

Training for the Future is a utopian training camp where audiences become trainees in creating alternative futures, learning how to decolonize society, how to use extraterritorial waters for political action, create new forms of encryption, enact intergenerational climate justice, socialize artificial intelligence and campaign transnationally. Futurologists, progressive hackers, post-national activists, transnationalists, theatre makers, artists, and many others offer concrete exercises in alternatives to the present-day crisis within a training installation developed by artist Jonas Staal, situated in the Jahrhunderthalle Bochum. It seems a consensus today, that what is ahead of us can only be imagined as a disaster. Training for the Future instead aims to collectively reclaim the means of production of the future.

Training for the Future offers fourteen trainings over the course of three days, participation is possible for the full curriculum or for each training individually.

More information: https://trainingforthefuture.org/

Jahrhunderthalle Bochum
An der Jahrhunderthalle 1
44793 Bochum

Further Information

Project by Jonas Staal, curated and co-programmed by Florian Malzacher. Installation in collaboration with architect Paul Kuipers and designer Remco van Bladel Production by Studio Jonas Staal (Younes Bouadi, Evelien Scheltinga) and Ruhrtriennale.

Funded by Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung / bpb and Mondriaan Fund. Kindly supported by Goethe-Institut.

Language information: In English

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Florian Malzacher


Jonas Staal



Artist Jonas Staal
Curator Florian Malzacher
Architect Paul Kuipers
Designer Remco van Bladel
Production uand Coordination Studio Jonas Staal Younes Bouadi Nadine Gouders
Website Charlie Berendsen
Trainings by Dana Yahalomi (Maayan Choresh, Hagar Ophir) Heath Bunting (Heath Bunting) Manuel Beltrán (Manuel Beltrán) Mohammad Salemy (Natalie Agostini, Mohammad Salemy) Samuel Vriezen (Samuel Vriezen) Maya Felixbrodt Germaine Sijstermans Ingo Niermann Tahir Della Lucía Muriel Rebecca Gomperts (Rebecca Gomperts, Victoria Satchwell) Klaas Kuitenbrouwer Sjef van Gaalen Isabelle Fremaux Arrivati / Schwabinggrad Ballett (Liz Rech) School of Transnational Activism / European Alternatives (Lorenzo Marsili, Martin Pairet) Not An Alternative (Steve Lyons, Jason Jones) Center for Jineology Studies (Ceren Akyos, Yasemin Adnan) Schwabinggrad Ballett
project manager Veronika Obermeier
Technical Project Manager RT Rainer Ott


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