Fri 24 Aug Sun 2 Sep
Theatre / Immersive / Marathon

Diamante. Die Geschichte einer Free Private City

Mariano Pensotti / Grupo Marea
24 Aug
2 Sep

Diamante is a special place: a privately-owned town belonging to a company of the kind that only exists in Latin America. Red-painted wooden houses in the Scandinavian style huddle together closely in the middle of the jungle in Misiones. It was built well over 100 years ago in northern Argentina by the German industrialist Emil Hügel to house the workers for his coal and steel company Goodwind.

Filmmaker, theatremaker and writer Mariano Pensotti, born in Buenos Aires in 1973, always directs his own texts. For the Ruhrtriennale he will build a walk-through model of Diamante in the Kraftzentrale in Duisburg. Here we will experience together with the inhabitants – played by a cast of Argentinian and German performers – how the town is transformed over the course of a year from a flourishing social-capitalist utopia into a what appears to be a pre-apocalyptic horror scenario: communal physical exercises every morning and communal music-making every evening give way to violent robberies and fear of the other people living in the surrounding Argentinian villages. Proud factory workers turn into insecure service providers. Now Diamante is like a jungle version of Silicon Valley.

Mariano Pensotti puts big stories on stage in a mixture of fiction and reality that becomes a unique form of Gesamtkunstwerk combining acting, lighting and film. In this six hour theatrical event we are invited not only to look through the windows of the houses in Diamante but to look inside the lives of its inhabitants. Mariano Pensotti doesn’t just tell the story of the private town of Diamante in Argentina, but enables us to experience the scenario of a so-called Free Private City, in which access to public goods and services is dependent on a company strategy – a phenomenon that in the 21st century is no longer as futuristic or utopian as it sounds.



Further Information

Introduction 45 minutes to prior

Artist talk 26th of August after the performance

A commission by Ruhrtriennale in co-production with Grand Theatre Groningen and Berliner Festspiele / Immersion.

Language information: In German and Spanish


Director, Text Mariano Pensotti
Stage Design, Costume Mariana Tirantte
Music Diego Vainer
Light Design Alejandro Le Roux
With Till Bauer Michael Bayen Anna Böger Cristián Lehmann Carrasco Cornelia Dörr Javier Drolas Marie Eick-Kerssenbrock Bettina Engelhardt Gaby Ferrero Santiago Gobernori Martin Horn Julian Keck Pavel Kovalenko Juliana Muras Moritz Peschke Tonio Schneider Judith Seither Maximilian Strestik Jonathan Tribe Chris Urwyler Martin Weigel Michael Witte Chen Yan


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